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My co worker Benjamin fucking my hot pussy

The first time Benjamin fucked my pussy was on a Sunday he is a co worker of the company I work for so he came over to help my man with some repairs and he saw me at the pool and I had a suit that showed just about everything so I laid there and he came over and said Hi Lynn so I said Hi so he stood there looking at my exposed tits and my pussy so he is 18 years old very young and good looking so he stood there looking at my mature body and I felt my pussy getting wet and my nipples getting hard and he saw them and smiled so I got up and he could see that my nipples were hard and he smiled and he looked at me and said can I go swimming and I said yes so he took his clothes off and his is nude and has a nice cock and I smiled so I went in and he said take your suite off Lynn please so I did than he came behind me and squeezed my tits gently and I stood there letting this young worker play with my breast as I moaned and said that feels good Benjamin so he continued playing with my nipples and squeezing my nipples hard so I stood there letting him as I felt my pussy getting very wet and needed to get fucked now as I was so fucken hot so we get out of the water and he dries my body off and we go into the house and went to the bedroom and he laid me on the bed and spread my legs and looked at my wet pussy and said you have a beautiful pussy Lynn so I looked down at my pussy and it was open like a flower waiting for his young hard cock and he than slammed his young hard cock deep inside me and I moaned OH FUCK YES fuck me hard Benjamin give me a good hard fucking so he hammered my pussy harder and harder and he has me moaning and having small orgasms and feeling my pussy sucking his young hard cock wanting him never to stop fucking me so I kept looking at this young man fucking my mature pussy and seeing his young hard cock going in and out of my pussy fucking me hard and enjoying my wet pussy so I laid there letting him pound my pussy and loving the pounding he was giving me and waiting for him to breed me with warm semen so he continued fucking me hard and telling me that I was a hot fucken woman and he wants to come over often to take care of my pussy so I said OK  just don't tell any of the other guys you are fucking the bosses wife OK and than he stop and moaned and shot loads of cum deep inside my pussy and his cum was so warm I smiled as he continued fucking me and shooting his cum deep inside my pussy so he left and I look at my pussy and his cum was slowly leaking out and I smiled cause I knew he would be back for more 

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